Monday, 19 March 2012

How can you STOP these scammers?

There is only one way to stop these scammers and it needs everybody’s effort. Below I am listing few steps that each one of you needs to do:

1. If the scammers called you, try to make a conversation and make them feel that you don't know anything about computer.
2. Then take the name of the company from where that scammer is calling. I would say pen down everything.
3. Now check the website while you are on the phone and try to find the payment gateway link which you can find after clicking on the 'Buy' button. Most of the websites follow this concept while others directly open the payment gateway.
4. There are many third party websites which provide online transaction facility. Some of these companies are CCavenues, EBS, DirectPay, PayPal etc.
5. Now after getting name of the payment gateway, it’s time to say goodbye to that scammer.

Now you need to write a mail to the Payment Gateway Company letting them know about the company who contacted you and was trying to fool you. Write an aggressive mail about these people.

We need to send at least 50mails to the payment gateway company about the company who contacted you to blacklist them.

Look guys! My blog did the same thing. It came into lime light because of the people who contacted me and the concerned payment gateway company froze their account. Many call centers have suffered because of this blog.
I know, these people will change the name of the company and will again start calling you. But getting a new payment gateway is not that easy. So my point is, if all of us will start doing what I have mentioned, then these technical support phone calls will be a nightmare one day.


  1. Nice tips....Thanks for share with us.

  2. I get no end of spam E mails and unsolicited calls, the E mails can be blocked but the calls are an annoyance, how I deal with them is if they ask for me by name, I just say 'Oh, I'll just get him for you' then leave the receiver on the table, once I went back after 20 minutes and amazingly could still hear the caller saying 'Hello, hello'.

  3. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u.

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  4. Thank you very much for you technical solutions. I am call center agent not a techno man, But have use your knowledge, hopefully works! Thanks


  5. If we really want to stop this scammers.then we have to take some disciplinary actions against them.Today nobody has the fear about Law and Order so anybody comes and try that how quick he can earn money.To stop all this thing we need to take some strict action against them.

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