Thursday, 27 September 2012

'Run free virus scan' advertisement is a scam?

Yep! that's right. All major advertisement that you see on websites asking you to run a free virus scan, usually when you download something, are FAKE ADS. You trust them, install them and then these small programs show you that your computer is infected with deadly virus or have thousands of problems on your system even if your have purchased your computer/laptop a day ago. See how powerful they are :)
And now to remove these issues they will ask you to purchase their software.
Now the truth is, these kind of softwares are ABSOLUTELY FAKE softwares which means they do not remove any virus or malware. Once you will purchase these softwares, on regular intervals they keep poping-up that they have captured some viruses and have removed them but technically they haven't done anything. They simply show a message, fool you around and are making money.
Below I am displaying you one such ad:

Please use genuine anti-virus program like Norton, Bitdefender, Mcafee, QuickHeal, Kaspersky etc. to keep your computer free from Viruses/malwares. These anti-virus company have never displayed ads like these Fake ads.

Stay alert and be safe.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Bad News !!!

Few days back, I came across information that these people are now operating this Scam from their homes. Actually, after working for only 2months in these ‘scammy’ organizations it’s pretty much easy to gather information how this scam operates. And since there is an awful lot of money, employees are now leaving these companies and are operating this damn business sitting in their homes which means more frustrating calls to You.
If these people will make 1 sale everyday then they will earn around 450,000INR per month and in a year this amount will turn up to 54,00,000INR which is a jaw dropping amount to any Indian. This calculation is based on 1 sale by 1 person every day. What will happen if they make 5sales every day? It's freakishly huge!!!
To run this scam all they need is:
Internet Connection 
Payment Gateway

You will be surprised that these people don't even need a telephone connection to call people. They use Skype. A top up with £4 gives unlimited calls to landline numbers of UK for 1 month. And that's the reason you receive calls from a strange number because that’s Skype’s unknown number. This is kind of lottery for these people.

Now to stop these people I tried to contact Indian News channel and Government but as expected, all in vain. Since these days we are being ruled by the most corrupted Government of History, so clearly, there are no chances that Indian Government will ever raise any concern on this issue.
However there is one option left before us to stop this scary business i.e. Spread the word

You can contribute this by:
1. Share this blog with your parents because they are the people who are targeted the most.
2. Share this on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, blogs or any other website they working for same cause.
3. Raise complaint in Police because I still remember my friend, who was working with me in the same organization, received a call from UK police. May be FBI or NYPD can do something about it.
4. Most important. Give +1 to this blog which will help this blog to top the search results on Google because 70% traffic is from Google.
5. Contact Indian Embassy. I am sure they will do something about it because its a matter of countries relationship.

Lets make this world a better place to live in!