Saturday, 23 July 2016

Quizathon India app: Fake or Real?

Quizathon India is an android app that claims to be unique quiz app that lets user play game everyday and announce winners at the end of the day. I installed this app last week and I would say that I really love the app and their concept. This app gives you a feeling that you are fighting to claim your rank with rest of India and if you win then you will get some points in your wallet which you can redeem for flipkart, amazon or paytm cash.

  Quizathon India- screenshot               

The quiz starts everyday at 10AM and you need to attempt 10 questions before 9PM of the same day. Based on the formula ‘maximum correct answers in minimum time’ your rank is decided which you can see it anytime on Ranking screen. The questions they ask are from different verticals like GK, Basic Science, Geography, History, Computer Science, Basic Maths etc. The questions are really interesting but I think they should provide flexibility to user to choose the categories from where they want to receive questions otherwise the app is good. Long story short:

  1. Unique format of game
  2. Questions are really good
  3. Insights feature is really interesting to learn something new everyday
  4. You can earn a prizes if you win daily quiz or weekly quiz
  5. You can prepare for exams like SSC SBI etc
  6. Instant support through Facebook page
  1. No flexibility to choose categories
  2. You cannot challenge your friend
In my opinion you should give a try to this app as they are unique in the quizzing market and they are NOT FAKE. This app is real and are giving vouchers to winners for sure because I got mine :)

Download the app from here: Quizathon India
Good Luck!